Jacks is concentrating on learning to use his medical kit so he can fix up his Godmother Joanna so she feels much much better :)
the stethoscope is actually more fun to eat than to hear heart beats with, but soon he'll figure it out!

oh no, should i start saving for medical school already??


I know this is mean to post for the world to see, but look at this little boy coughing - it looks like he's auditioning for the monster role ... RAH!



Okay last post of the night ...

When I said I found the cutest PJammers for Jacks, I LIED. I had not yet discovered how cute these button down sets are!

Thanks Papa Weston for finding the cutest pjs on earth! You can see them well in these pics ... See what I mean?


I just tried my first blog post from my Blackberry ... And it finally worked! I'm definately going to get hooked on posting on my blog during slow afternoons at work. It's so much easier to find time to pick up your phone than to sit down at the computer. Plus, I have a tendency to immediately find something to buy online (what's my problem anyway? Weston says I have a shopping problem, but I'm still in denial) ...

Here's to many new blog posts in 2009. Good luck to me!

Photo Caption: "It's not my fault you forgot to lock this cupboard." Cute little Jacks!



This is the ultimate Jacks pic ... The infamous Listerine incident. I didn't understand why it suddenly smelled so minty until I stumbled upon this wonderful sight.
PS: he's crying b/c he felt bad for spilling, not because his throat burned from chugging mouthwash.
The caption should read: 'But I had stinky breath!'