here we go...

so this is it. my big beginning. i have spent the last few days going back and forth between opening a blog or staying as far away from the computer as i possibly can (considering the amount of free time i have lately, i have considered that creating a blog could be an awful waste of time if in two months i give up!)

i guess we all know my decision... fire it up! follow me now through my reasons as to why i would even need a blog...

my thoughts on starting my own blog were this: i am enjoying life 100 times more than i ever have in the past, yet i feel as though my social life was fitted for a toe tag some time ago. i have always been a firm believer of the idea that our ability to enjoy life comes not only from within ourselves, but mostly from the people we choose to surround ourselves with. each person we interact with allows us to become more capable of enjoying life (this has to be true for everyone, to some extent). i have always thought that i rely on the company of others more than the rest of the world. to paint a picture, imagine that each person in my life is linked directly to activity my dopamine receptors; the more i enjoy interacting with them and vice versa, the more dopamine they emit (i hope you paid attention in your psychology class). so if interaction is my food source, how am i still living?

the answer is simple (and the next time you become a mom you will understand): i've been hanging out at home with my new family, watching a little man grow up. and if i hadn't suddenly realized how much time has passed since i last looked at the calendar, i'd probably still be sitting at home doing the same thing i have been doing (in case you haven't met the little man, i'll let you know that he certainly is fun to be around). don't get me wrong, i love my life. i just happened to start thinking lately about all the things going on outside of estate drive that i'm missing out on. and all the people who might be missing out on me (taking a leap here). hence the need for a blog.

so here it is (and here i am). my plan is this: i have no plan! i only have a goal, which is to find a way to share my happy family life with others, even if i do not have the luxury of time to get out and meet up with friends and family each day. yes i know- this is not the treatment for reviving a social life. you'll be happy to know i plan on making an effort to meet up with friends once a week as well. but wouldn't it be wonderful to help those who have been missing out on miche by giving them an opportunity to see what i'm doing while i'm absent from the party? again, i'm taking a leap by assuming that there is at least one person out there who is curious about what's going on and all the while missing me. (and if not, this is always a good way to keep track of the next 20 years of my life so i myself do not forget) :)

enjoy visiting my blog, mich(e)uphoria: my own state of well-being

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  1. I am so glad you took the leap! It will be fun to see your pics and hear what you have to say :)
    Also, we need to get together...soon! It has been too long. Please call me the next time you have a free night!