sleepy jacks

peek a boo! i'm so cute!

not much happened this weekend at the baril house. peanut (lauren) was with us for most of saturday and all of sunday, so it was busy but event-less. peanut and i took jackson to target and to the mall so weston could sleep and recharge for saturday night. we found some trick-or-treat bags for all of our candy (YUM! i'm so excited for halloween) and bought some new hat and mittens sets for all three of us (sorry weston- you haven't worn the ones from last year anyway!). it's a good thing we bought them because when we left for brunch on sunday, it was cold and SNOWY! YUCK! already?

we were supposed to go out to jeremy and donna's for the annual pumpkin-carving day, but we decided to stay home and nap/clean/dink around. maybe we'll have to go to grandma becky's this week to carve a pumpkin or two :)

is it sunday already? back to work tomorrow i guess... hopefully it's busy yet stress-less (you all know what i mean, right?)

oh yeah - i made weston take a picture of jacks and i while we rested on the floor. my little man finally wanted to snuggle with his momma! he never does that! he must have been pretty tired... it's tough being a preppy boy! (i had found a cute sweater vest that he had not yet worn and decided it was time to put it on before it didn't fit anymore)

i had to post the pics in case he never wants to snuggle again...

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