witnessing another 'first' of Jackson's

it's not very often that you will witness a 'first' with your child.

for one reason, unless you're a stay-at-home mom, you won't be with them enough to be there for everything. in my case, i work during the day, which means i miss out on the 'firsts' that happen during the day (sadly, they usually happen before 3pm).

for another reason, there just aren't enough 'firsts' in the world of infants. here are the firsts listed in jack's 1st year book. some of them i believe to be important and others - not so much (i kindly left my opinion of these). the big ones will never be forgotten anyway (mainly because you'll have 116 pictures from the moment in time trying to capture it on film. the first smile, for instance, lasts about as long as it takes to focus your camera!) and the not-so-important ones are listed there, i think, to fill space on the page. here they are:

  • first bath (dumb because they bathe baby at the hospital!)
  • first outing (also dumb, in my opinion, because nobody stays cooped up at home anymore for weeks at a time - they go out and show off their new baby!)
  • first baby-sitter and overnight visit
  • first smile
  • first laugh (you'll 'think' you hear a laugh and write it down, then later realize it was really just a lot of noise right after a smile)
  • first illness (i'm sure if it were bad enough you wouldn't need to put it in the book!)
  • first time rolling over
  • first time i slept through the night (it comes and then goes; you should track 'first 7 consecutive days i got to sleep in'!)
  • first haircut
  • first words
  • first "mama" and "dada"
  • first tooth (not surprising, considering you feel it almost coming in for a week or two)
  • first boo-boo
  • first real foods (i forgot to write this down right away
[what about listing the 'firsts' you actually remember?:
  • first time you cried for being a terrible mother. examples: the two hours after the circumcision - bonking their head on the wall - they stood up in the bathtub and fell
  • first time you tried to multitask while feeding him and failed miserably (i spilled a big jug of red Powerade on him)
  • first time you realized diapers + boy baby = changing clothes after every wet diaper
  • first time you wished you could produce your own pacifier because you just lost the last of your 6 nuks and he won't stop crying!
  • first time you realized you really did spend way too much money on clothes
  • first time you realized that you also spent too much money on crib bedding
  • first time they rode home in poopy pants because you forgot to pack an extra outfit (back to the terrible mother thing...)

anyway, back to my point... ]

up until now, i had only witnessed one 'first' that would really be remembered(not that i won't remember a lot of them, but this is the kind that you call the other parent about because it is so exciting): first smile . weston had gotten all the others, including first roll from tummy to back AND from back to tummy a few weeks later, first time pulling himself up to stand, etc.

my big moment as a witness came again last night: 'first wave'. we've been working on this one for quite awhile. and when i say "working on it", i mean we've been waving each time we leave and the other parent will help jacks wave back. it happened as i was checking on my blondies (ps: YUM).

i was helping jackson eat some puffs and when i walked to the oven, he put up his arm and started wiggling his hand! by the time i could get my phone to take a picture, he had started playing with his hair.

i was pretty upset that i missed it with the camera but then he put up his other arm and tried again! i was able to catch this one on film, but since it only lasted a couple of seconds, i could only snap one rushed, blurry picture...

even as a blurry picture it's pretty cute, don't you think? (i'm such a mom it makes me sick!!)

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  1. Love the BLOG.
    And of course love the little boy.
    It's great fun to see pictures of him on the days we don't get to see him. He is of course the cutest little blond headed boy we know under 1. Have to say that because Gus is a cute little blond but he is almost 2.
    It's fun to read how much you are enjoying motherhood. And you are such a good mom.