family sioux game

"How do you know the Sioux won?" Weston asked Lauren after the game.

"Because they had 4 points and the Tigers only had 3" she said.

I was surprised that she could track the points and remember the score two hours after the game had ended!

Weston and I brought Jackson (13mo) and Lauren (5 1/2) to the Sunday game as the Sioux attempted to beat the CC Tigers after Saturday's tie game. We decided we might need a helping hand to keep the kids entertained and under control, so our friend Kayla decided to join us. I realized at the end of the game that bringing the family was more about letting them experience the game and less about getting to actually watch the game with them!

Jackson tagged along with me last November to a game with my cousins Tangy and Ronnie, and I think Jackson, although sleep deprived and in a sleepy haze, enjoyed the game more than the two of them combined (Bison fans just giving a hockey game a chance... need I say more?). I was a little uneasy about how Jackson would handle yesterday's game, considering that we've all been sick for 3 weeks and that he would be needing his second nap right around when the game was starting... He did wonderful, even without a second nap for the day, and spent a lot of time babbling, waving his arms around, and checking out the crowd.

Sunday's game was the first UND hockey game for Lauren and she loved every minute of it. She enjoyed jumping around and cheering "Go Sioux" and enjoyed all of the junk food just as much! We reminded Lauren several times to be wacky and crazy if she wanted to get up on the big screen... and OF COURSE she made that happen! Right before OT began, it was time to "Twist and Shout" with the fans. Lauren danced around like a crazy woman and helped Jacks stand up and 'twist' on my lap. When I looked up at the screens, they flashed to us for the remainder of the song before OT began. WOW! My mom had always told me that the camera's couldn't film our seats due to the fact that they've never seen anyone in our section up on the big screen. Nothing like bringing the kids along to put section 111 on the map!!

Thankfully it was a 3:37pm game as it ended up being a late night for the kids - they crashed on the way home. Weston was equally tired due to the fact that Lauren favored his lap to her chair and Jackson tended to join them every ten minutes; even with all the distractions, Weston still managed to watch more of the game than I did...

All in all it was a great night for everybody. Can't wait to do it again soon...

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