i love love LOVE iGoogle...

knock knock
who's there?
interupting cow

hahaha, i love it!
does anyone else love love love iGoogle? weeks ago, when i logged into my google account, it offered to let me customize it to my own liking... one thing i opted for was 'joke of the day', hence the knock-knock joke.

google, you give me something to wake up early for!

on another note...

i see my little munchkin learned how to open the pocket door to our 1/2 bath. when he sees me go in there, i usually hear a scramble and 2 hands and feet scurrying across the main floor to get to me ... today i heard all of that and suddenly the door open and a smiley little face with a runny nose was peering in!

i had a good laugh about that and thought it was blog-worthy. i have always wondered when i would have to start using the lock on that door!

and why can't they just learn to blow their noses, or at least learn to keep it from running down their face? how can you keep up with the runny nose of a 1-year-old?!? i know people say "nothing is impossible" but i think they may have been overlooked this (whoever 'they' are)...

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