jackson turns 1 ... and eats his first cupcake!

jan 29, 2009... jackson turns 1 today!

i can't even to begin to explain the horrible day he had ... i think i can safely say it was the worst day of the little man's life :( on the monday the 19, i decided to get rid of both a bottle AND formula. it was that same week that we had a death in the family, so with the stress surrounding him and no bottle/formula to comfort him, naps were nonexistent! he spent the week entertaining close family and friends and was so stressed out, he had to change clothes 3 times a day (if you know what a mean...messy pants magoo!)

by the time his birthday rolled around on the 29th, he was sleep deprived, over stimulated, and trying hard to fight the squirts off! my mom and dave stopped by that evening to drop off some birthday cupcakes and watch him make a mess of them, but i wanted to get him to bed early so we had to put them off until the next night. after 2 hours of screaming and squirming, i finally got him to sleep. when it was all over, i realized that i had never had to try so hard to get him to sleep... except for one night when he was four weeks old, he's always been the easiest baby to take care of. needless to say, i hope he doesn't remember his first bday!

the next day we celebrated his birthday with a few gifts and the long-awaited cupcake feast :) i was lucky enough to catch a few videos of him early on the bday evening (which i posted and PS: sorry you have to listen to me talk/sing), but the pictures of the cupcake feast were actually taken the day afterwards.

happy bday my little man. thanks for the greatest year of my life :)

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  1. I love the video...he definitely is an eater!!