the hidden golf ball...

as i sat on the hospital bed at innovis, weston asked me, "i think i lost my golf ball. is that it under your eye?"

we made a quick trip (is 1.5 hours quick?!) to the innovis ER after i woke up at 3:00am with a few problems. after a horrible stomach ache that left me feeling like i wanted to die, i started sneezing over and over. i quickly realized that all the pressure from my sneezes wasn't leaving my face (quite an awful feeling if you ask me), and when i looked in the mirror i discovered where it was building up!

i'm not sure if it was the trial contact lenses i had put in earlier that day or a new food allergy i will need to discover; all i know is that weston is the best person to have around in an emergency... he somehow arrived home within minutes of me alerting him (that was the good part) and then proceeded to make fun of me and play games on his phone in the ER (this is the best part). at least i got a safe ride there, right? (i have to give him credit: he did stay up unti 5:30am after a being at work for 12 hours on a grueling Friday night.)

needless to say, the staff at the hospital had no answers as to why this happened. after finding baby's heartbeat and discovering that he/she was okay, they sent us on our way and told us to come back if it happened again (duh?!)

ah, the joys of my mysterious allergies...

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  1. You scared us to death that night...but I am glad it all turned out o.k. Tell Weston to always have his phone charged in case of emergencies!!! lol.