My Buddy...

now that i am back in school for the fall semester (finally!), i was reflecting on my summer and found some cute pictures of jackson that i thought i should post.

my little man is getting so old! he picked the shells out of jars at the lake and was telling us a story about them... cute! he also loves to swing his head back and forth while "singing". sometimes he does it until he is dizzy and falls over, which is funny, but it's his way of getting attention.

it's these things that he does that make me feel like he is getting too old too fast. when i mentioned this to weston, he said "you'll get another one soon enough". but i don't feel like it'll be soon - i have to wait until feb, and jack will be 2 then!

i'm going to cry the day that happens...

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  1. He was so cute that day playing in the shells. My favorite time with him was when he gets up from a nap...he gives the best huggies!! I can't wait to see you all very soon.